SNAILS TO THE CATALAN                                  EXAMPLE OF MENU

1)Chicories in blues cheese,chicken to the catalan with skipped potatoes,cheeses,custard in eggs.

2)green salad,paella,cheese,macedonia of fruits.PAELLA

3)Bread tomato with ham,roast of pork in onions and mushrooms accompanied with a gratin of zucchinis,cheeses,bavarian in pears.

4)salad of tomatoes,zarzuella with baby potatoes,cheeses,ship's apprentice in chocolates.

5bread tomato with ham )Escalivades,grilled lamb chops accompanied with potatoes and hearts of artichaud in the stifling,cheeses,apple pie.

6)Anchoiade,boles of picoulat with beans whites,cheeses catalan cream.

7)pork-butcher's meat,lamb's legs of lamb with flageolets,cheeses,fruit baked in batter in cherries.

8)composite salad,bouillinade,cheeses,gâteau in chocolates.

9)Bread tomato with ham,duck breasts of canar in figs with skipped potatoes,cheeses,sorbets of apricots.GÄTEAU IN CHOCOLATES

10)Tart in asparagus;pork cheeks pasta,cheeses,cake in the pineapple.

11)Chicories in blue cheese,rabbit in mustard with green beans,cheeses arm of venus.

12)palm heart with asparagus,tuna,hard eggs,snail to the catalan with baby potatoe,fruit baked in batter in apricots.BOUILLINADE

13)Pork-butcger's meat,chickens roasted with eggplants to the catalan,cheeses,cake in pears.

14)Escalivades,catalan sausage and snails grilled with chips,cheeses,bougnettes catalan.

15)Raw vegetables,sardines,pork chops and black blood sausage grilled accompanied with green beans,cheeses,rousquilles and crisp of Saint Paul de Fenouillet.